Witold Gombrowicz


“Ferdydurke” is both a psychological and philosophical treatise and social satire. Full of mockery and powerlessness, the story of interpersonal relations, impregnated with inevitable absurdity and the overwhelming “mug”. Gombrowicz exposes the pompous seriousness and battles with the artificiality of form. He contemplates the issues of immaturity, youth and the oppressiveness of society and culture – especially Polish – noble, catholic and parochial. In the Fredro Theater, one of the classics of Polish literature and one of the best-known novels in the world is taken on by director Piotr Ratajczak, well known for his work at the Dramatic Theater in Wałbrzych, the Polish Theater in Poznań, the Contemporary Theater in Szczecin, the Silesian Theater in Katowice, J. Osterwa Theater in Lublin or Polonia in Warsaw.

The creators of the play, inspired by the main themes of the novel, talk about the liberation of man from the form imposed by both society and relatives, as well as tradition, the education system and media, the escape from the “mug” and schematic perception of another human being.

Former teacher of the thirty-year-old Józio – the main character of the show – takes him to a modern school, shows him a love story in a modern home and a multi-generational family. The world in which he exist is dead and the ideas are obsolete and out of date. The figure of Gombrowicz appearing on the stage comments on the existing world and points to the easement of Poles towards Poland – treated only seriously, as a symbol and duty.

The performance takes part in the 4th edition of the Competition for the Staging of Old Works of Polish Literature “Klasyka Żywa”

directed by
Piotr Ratajczak

Maria Marcinkiewicz-Górna

Marcin Chlanda

Grupa Mixer

Arkadiusz Buszko

musical arrangement
Piotr Ratajczak

Zuzanna Czerniejewska
Wiktoria Czubaszek (gościnnie)
Iwona Sapa
Mikołaj Bańdo (gościnnie)
Paweł Dobek
Maciej Hązła
Wojciech Kalinowski
Roland Nowak
Radomir Rospondek (gościnnie)
Stanisław Twaróg (gościnnie)/Jan Niemczyk
Tomasz Tywoniuk (gościnnie)

stage manager
Ewa Malicka
6 października 2018

plakat teatr ferdydurke