Édouard Louis

History of violence

Édouard Louis

History of violence

Ewelina Marciniak, a recognized theater director, winner of the Polityka Passport and many prestigious awards, prepared the Polish theatre premiere of the book by Édouard Louis – a star of the young generation of French writers, one of the most widely read authors on the Seine. Paris, Christmas Eve, an accidental meeting that leaves a tragic imprint on the life of the main character – a shocking story about the banality and randomness of violence in a world that is falling apart, full of divisions and mutual misunderstanding.

A performance for adult audiences.

Joanna Polachowska

freely adapted by:
Jan Czapliński

Ewelina Marciniak

Ewelina Marciniak, Grzegorz Layer

Natalia Mleczak

live music:
Wacław Zimpel

Mirek Kaczmarek

Martyna Rozwadowska, Michał Karczewski, Oskar Malinowski (guest appereance), Piotr Nerlewski (guest appereance), Roland Nowak, Dominik Rybiałek (guest sppereance)
duration: 90 minutes

polish premiere 19th October 2019