Marta Sokołowska

Kamionna river. Family stories

Kamionna river. Family stories

“Kamionna river. Family stories” is mistery farewell to a father, preceded by the son’s search for traces of his parental presence. The authors draw on the history of Poland from the war and post-war times, confronting the heroes of Jarosław Iwaszkiewicz’s “Mill on the Kamienna River”. All this to extract the family secret from under the layer of lies and face the specter that demands compensation.

text, dramaturgy:
Marta Sokołowska

screenplay based on the prose of:
Jarosław Iwaszkiewicz

Mateusz Bednarkiewicz

set design and costumes:
Agnieszka Zawadowska, Katarzyna Minkowska

Magdalena Fejdasz

light direction:
Karina Kleszczewska

Wojciech Frycz

stage manager:
Jolanta Skawina

Sylwia Boroń (guest appearance), Joanna Żurawska, Paweł Dobek, Bogdan Ferenc, Maciej Hanczewski (guest appearance), Michał Karczewski, Roland Nowak and Anna Kostrzewska (film)
world premiere on October 23, 2020