Henryk Rzewuski


Hysterical romance from the second half of the 18th century

The Fredro Theater in Gniezno invites you to an unobvious ethnographic journey into the past. It brings to life a forgotten nineteenth-century novel, which unexpectedly rhymes with the present day.
The creators cleverly use the convention of historical romance, emphasizing its fairy-tale motifs: the division of property by a dying father, engagement over the grave, the illness of the king, for whom a miracle cure is sought. The allegorical paintings built on the stage resemble the poetics of the enlightenment of educational fairytales.
The story of two brothers standing on two sides of the political barricade, further divided by love for the same woman. In the performance it becomes a metaphor for the collision of two contradictory worldviews and two different relations to the spiritual sphere of man. The impossibility of reconciling them by the individual explodes on the stage in the form of extreme emotional states experienced by the protagonists of the performance. Their hysteria is the only answer they can give to the specters of Tradition and History haunting them.

screenplay and dramaturgy
Magda Kupryjanowicz

directed by
Tomasz Węgorzewski

scenography and costumesMarta Kuliga
Dorota Nawrot

Katarzyna Borkowska

Teoniki Rożynek

Maria Magdalena Kozłowska (guest appearance)
Katarzyna Kalinowska
Michalina Rodak (guest appearance)
Martyna Rozwadowska
Iwona Sapa
Joanna Żurawska (guest appearance)
Bogdan Ferenc
Maciej Hązła
Wojciech Kalinowski
Karol Kubasiewicz (guest appearance)
Jan Niemczyk
Roland Nowak
Wojciech Siedlecki
Leszek Wojtaszak

stage manager
Jolanta Skawina