Magic circles

As part of the next series of Artist Residences, we once again invite foreign artists to cooperate with us, but in a different form than before. Inspiring activities not on the stage, but on the streets of the city will be implemented as part of cooperation with a Berlin based artist/performer invited to Gniezno. Yanna Varbanova will explore the potential of urban space and design an event from the borderline of theater, art and performance.

For this project Fredro Theater in Gniezno has invited six artists from Poland and the Czech Republic, who professionally deal with visual arts and performance. Starting on 25th through 27th of May they will carry out participatory and locally involved artistic events in various parts of the city.

“These urban spaces (magic circles) function as transformers of meanings, everyday rituals and activities, urban legends or real stories of Gniezno and transform them into interactions, references, participatory installations and performances or visual diaries. Magic circles are temporary and can be activated by transformation and interpretation (by artists) and participation and interaction (by the audience). The locations of selected artists could also be perceived as a radius, a semicircle of different distances from Gniezno: Berlin and Prague, Poznań and Łódź. Another important issue related to the selection of artists is based on their own urban sensuality, related to the city they occupy and interact with, and what impact this may have on their concept of deciphering and interpreting space in Gniezno. “(Yanna Varbanova)

25.05. at 18:00 – inauguration – creating a sand mandala
26.05. at 16:00 – performative social activity in the urban space
27.05. at 16:00 – performative social activity in the urban space

Participation in the event is free

 SAND IN THE EYES, Malarze Ulotni (square in front of the Fredro Theater)
 WE CAN RELAX, Anna Adamowicz (Mickiewicza street, next to Ibiza Solarium)
 AT SECOND GLANCE, Jakub Czech (Mickiewicza street, next to the Theater entrance)
 THERE’S ALWAYS A WAY OUT, Justyna Jakóbowska (square in front of the Fredro Theater and Sobieskiego street)
 TALES FROM A SMALL TOWN, Cristina Ferreira (Jeziorna street, Workout Park)
 WENE_JA, Olga Beyga (Jeziorna street, Fredro Theater storage)
 EXPERIMENT L’AMOUR, Jakub Čermák (Muzeum Początków Państwa Polskiego – Museum of the Origins of the Polish State)
 LUMINARIUM, Anna Adamowicz (Łąkowa/Cierpięgi street)
 CHMURNIK 2000, Tomasz Rolniak i Martyna Karpowicz (Piastowski Park)

Yanna Varbanova (Berlin)

Anna Adamowicz,
Cristina Ferreira,
Jakub Czech,
Olga Beyga
Justyna Jakóbowska,
Tomasz Rolniak i Martyna Karpowicz
Jakub Čermák (Praga)
Malarze Ulotni (Gniezno)

project assistant
Piotr Rajski

Kamila Banasiak
Paweł Dobek
Maciej Hązła
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