August Strindberg

Panna Julie

Innocent flirting quickly turns into a deadly serious game

“Miss Julie” is Strindberg’s best-known play, which has been played successfully all over the world for almost 130 years. The drama, written for three, shows with extraordinary precision the vivisection of feelings and relationships between people. On Midsummer night – a time of fun and rulebreaking; a night of love and magic – rich Julie seduces her young employee Jean. An innocent flirt quickly turns into a deadly serious game in which secret passions and lust for power come to the fore and none of the roles is permanently assigned to anyone. The story of lust, status and social divisions is only seemingly far from the modern world.

Using the classic text, the creators of the show ask questions about today’s interpersonal relationships. Are there any rigid class divisions in modern society or have they only changed their form? Does love have no boundaries, or are some inviolable rules valid for it?

Mariusz Kalinowski

Karolina Kapralska

directed by
Filip Gieldon

Anna Tomczyńska

lighting design
Michał Głaszczka

assistant set designer
Agata Stanula

Matylda Paszczenko (guest appearance)
Michalina Rodak/Zuzanna Czerniejewska (guest appearance)
Paweł Dobek