Anka Herbut


PRIV is an experiment on intimacy in the form of a performative drama. Moving and negotiating its borders. Private, public and virtual spaces intertwine here, creating a common reservoir of images, gestures and words. The creators of the play are investigating how technology of today changes our identities, images, closer and further relations. How it affects the physicality of our bodies and how it uses our emotionality.

Acting according to the settings of our smartphones, on blogs and vlogs, on Facebook or Snapchat, we are spreading in a large, dense cloud of data – PRIV recycles it, provoking stage fittings for physical and psychological dispositions and styles. It is a collage structure divided into six sensitivities trying to get closer together, manifesting themselves at the level of language, choreography and image.

directed by
Iza Szostak

choreography by
Iza Szostak

dramaturgy and text
Anka Herbut

visual setting
Karolina Mełnicka
Stachu Szumski

music by
Kuba Słomkowski

Michał Głaszczka

Kamila Banasiak
Magda Jędra (gościnnie)
Tatiana Kamieniecka(gościnnie)
Maciej Hązła
Jan Niemczyk
Dominik Rybiałek
world premiere on

teatr plakat priv