Małgorzata Sikorska-Miszczuk

Loose Screws

This time, we will talk about Poland and Poles using the language of contemporary art, but in the tone of definitely satirical, absurd political fiction in a new version of the 2006 play, previously brought to stage of Polish Theatre in Wrocław by Jan Klata, among others. In Gniezno the adaptation was prepared by the excellent director Marcin Liber, known for his work in the National Old Theater, Łaźnia Nowa Theater in Krakow, Polish Theater in Wrocław, Polish Theater in Bydgoszcz and the Modern Theater in Szczecin.

This is a story od Mister Bleh, holding a lifetime position as a Prime Minister of Poland, and his deadly love for his homeland, creation of a new historical policy, and finally the fight against terrorists from Kuyavia wanting to wipe Poland off the map. “Loose Screws”, kept in the convention of a surrealist tragicomedy, is a compilation of witty, nonsense anecdotes, national stereotypes and allusions to media characters. The text, written in an extremely lively, sophisticated language, surprises with the amount of skillful wordplay with brutal reality and contemporary newspeak. And the grotesque rhetoric of the performance allows to settle the account with Polish history and divisions between the Poles.

directed by
Marcin Liber

Mirek Kaczmarek

Monika Ulańska/Grupa Mixer

Filip Kaniecki/MNSL

Katarzyna Strączek(guest appearance)
Martyna Rozwadowska
Paweł Dobek
Wojciech Kalinowski
Paweł Paczesny (guest appearance)
Roland Nowak
Jan Niemczyk
Michał Opaliński (guest appearance)
Sebastian Perdek ((guest appearance)
Wojciech Siedlecki

Akademia Młodego Muzyka w Gnieźnie (Young Musicians Academy in Gniezno)
13 stycznia 2018