Roman Sikora

The Masochist’s Confession

Artist residency – The Invisible

A poignant but also grotesquely ironic and irresistibly funny story about modern slaves, outkasts of globalization, about the crisis of the individual and society in the prime of capitalism.
[…] The liquidation of waste, toxic waste. We had to. No tools, you know. They gave us no tools.

Not even instructions. Why tools, right? Too expensive. The employer does not have money for it, you know, the crisis etc. Very poor they are, all of them. They just put a barrel in front of me. Still smoking it was. And bubbling. Get rid of it! But how? What was I supposed to do? So I started to eat it. Guzzle it. Drink it up. What else? I had a momentary feeling that I was dissolving. Just dissolving. And that fucking Chinese idiot, he aped it after me, fucker. Eating it he was, and drinking it up. That shit. The others rather withdrew. Or they were eaten, like, you know. It dissolved them.

Roman Sikora
The Masochist’s Confession
(English translation by Hanna Pavelková)

translated by
Małgorzata Sikorska-Miszczuk
Elżbieta Zimna

directed by
Aline Negra Silva

director support
Zuzanna Głowacka

stage and costume design
Felipe de Oliveira

music by
Maciej Szymborski

musical support
Maciej Hązła

artistic support
Łukasz Gajdzis

Katarzyna Kalinowska
Anna Pijanowska
Maciej Hązła
Wojciech Kalinowski
Piotr Kaźmierczak (gościnnie)

Anna Bielak
Honorary patronage: The Embassy of Brazil in Poland

Licence to stage the play granted by DILIA, Theatrical, Literary and Audiovisual Agency, Association of Authors

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