Anton Chekhov

The Seagull

The story of ten people living in the land of permafrost. People, who lost their dreams, now passing time on barren thoughts about real life, supposedly waiting for them somewhere else. It’s a story about the great search and desire for love, but also about the fiasco of this search. In the world of Anton Chekhov everyone loves, but unfortunately not the ones they should, everyone is loved, but not by the ones they want. The heroes are not brave enough to pursue their dreams, and if they do, they fail and remain tragically vulnerable in their loneliness. But “The Seagull” is also a story about unrequited love for art, reflection about its essence and sense, as well as about the condition of the artist himself.

The works od Chekhov are now considered to be quintessential mastery of dramatic art. On the stage of Fredro Theater, Maria Spiss will face with his most beautiful drama, his most tragic comedy. She is best known to the audience in Gniezno for directing the excellent spectacleWho’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?”

Jerzy Czech

directed by
Maria Spiss

scenography, costumes, lighting design
Łukasz Błażejewski

Paweł Harańczyk

Mikołaj Walenczykowski

Justyna Janowska (guest appearance)
Karina Krzywicka(guest appearance)
Małgorzata Łodej-Stachowiak (guest appearance)
Martyna Rozwadowska
Paweł Dobek
Marcin Kalisz (guest appearance)
Wojciech Kalinowski
Jan Niemczyk
Roland Nowak
Wojciech Siedlecki