Beniamin M. Bukowski

The Snow Queen

Winter tale

A shattered mirror is the cruel work of a malicious troll. In „the Snow Queen” it reflects the surrounding world by showing only what’s bad and ugly. Its shaterred fragments fell down to the world, wounding people and piercing their ears and eyes. Among the victims was a boy named Kai – one of the main heroes of H.Ch. Andersen’s story.

The winter tale, however, is just an excuse to confront other topics. The basis of this story is the metaphor of winter and ice as emotional coldness, emotional deficiency combined with blurring of ethical boundaries, inability to feel joy and affirmation of life, overwhelming sadness. Winter, however, just like these states, is something that is immanently included in our experience. Therefore, the authors put a seemingly philosophical, yet very close to life question in the performance. A painfully severe one for the child audience: what is the nature of suffering, sadness and evil, and at the same time trying to confront this difficult subject and find a way to tell it in a children’s theater.

The author of the text inspired by Andersen’s work, and the creator of the performance is Beniamin Bukowski, a young playwright and theater director, winner of over a dozen literary competitions, including Gdynia Drama Prize 2015. His texts were published in „Dialog”, among others.

How can one successfully oppose evil, work through sadness and anger, find joy? Let’s get to know the way together to free ourselves from the damaging effects of a “broken mirror”.

directed by
Beniamin M. Bukowski

Beniamin M. Bukowski

scenography and costumes
Katarzyna Stochalska

Eliasz Styrna

Mateusz Mierzejewski

assistant set designer:
Natalia Borys

theater educator
Joanna Żygowska

project coordinator
Sandra Konieczka-Ślachetka

Kamila Banasiak
Zuzanna Czerniejewska
Katarzyna Kalinowska
Martyna Rozwadowska
Paweł Dobek
Bogdan Ferenc
Maciej Hązła
Wojciech Kalinowski
Jan Niemczyk
Wojciech Siedlecki

stage manager
Jolanta Skawina
Dofinansowano ze środków Ministra Kultury i Dziedzictwa Narodowego pochodzących z Funduszu Promocji Kultury

1 grudnia 2018