Tomasz Kaczorowski

toe-poke, or #tobelikezlatanibrahimović

This is a combination of a theatrical and a football show that can happen in any space – on the playground, on the stage, in the classroom or on the Internet. The performance shows that a spectacle isn’t reserved only for theater, it can also be a football match, or even life itself, where you also have to play and comply with sometimes undefined rules.

The characters of the performance – two boys and a girl – are playing football. Talking about what happened on the pitch, about their dreams and ambitions. They think about Zlatan Ibrahimović – an uncompromising foodballer, stubbornly striving to fulfill his dreams since the beggining of his career. Zlatan is an idol for our heroes, and his toe-poke goals – the summit of bravado. During this interpersonal game, the reflection on cooperation, team-building and competition comes to the foreground.

The author of the text and the director of the performance is Tomasz Kaczorowski, whose drama “Toe-poke, or #tobelikezlatanibrahimović” was created as part of the Newest Drama Center at the Juliusz Słowacki Theater in Krakow, published in the 42nd book of New Arts for Children and Youth and awarded in the Competition for Theatrical Art for Children and Youth, organized by the Children’s Art Center in Poznań.

The premiere of the performance will take place at the Primary School No. 7 in Gniezno, and the performance will be presented in Gniezno and nearby towns throughout the year. The production of the spectacle was co-financed by the Zbigniew Raszewski Theater Institute as part of the Jan Dorman Competition.

The Jan Dorman Competition for the school presented play production was born from the need to improve the artistic quality of the performances shown in educational institutions. The idea of this competition is to support schools by shaping a rich and varied offer of performances prepared for the age and needs of the students and specific school conditions, and to support the mobility of theatres and open them to challenges of direct contact with the viever outside the walls of their institutions. The patron of the Competition is Jan Dorman – an outstanding creator of the Polish theater, director and teacher, a long-time director of the Zagłębie Children’s Theater in Będzin.

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directed by
Tomasz Kaczorowski

text, space concept, music arrangement
Tomasz Kaczorowski

pedagogic and theatrical activities, dramaturgy
Joanna Żygowska

Agnieszka Wielewska

Kamila Banasiak
Jan Niemczyk
Michał Karczewski

stage manager
Jolanta Skawina

preparation of program and educational materials
Joanna Żygowska
Tomasz Kaczorowski
Sandra Konieczka-Ślachetka

preparation of lesson synopsis
Iwona Kniaś
Grażyna Piotrowska
Małgorzata Dominiczak

social media consultations
Agata Patoła

coordination and implementation of promotional and informational activities
Sandra Konieczka-Ślachetka
Magdalena Wiśniewska
Anna Przybylska
Elwira Krzesińska

project evaluation
Bartłomiej Lis

poster, graphic design
Daniel Hackiewicz

Dawid Stube

Mikołaj Walenczykowski

Krzysztof Soleniec

tour realization, spectakle support
Izabela Fedyszyn
Paweł Kwiatkowski
Sebastian Kunkel
Jacek Pluciński
Zygfryd Krupa
20 września 2018

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