Simon Burt


Our next artistic resident, a graduate of the Art Academy in Banská Bystrica and the Bratislava Conservatoire, is looking though a mirror at interpersonal relationships, creating excellent theater not only for adolescents, but also for adults.

The intriguing story of two teenagers, fascinated by the prospect of long-awaited independence, who rent a small room and try living on their own. It’s an extraordinary study of emotions that impresses with the timeliness of the youth language and the authenticity of the challenges posed to young people by everyday life. One of the protagonists wants to study, the other wants to “party hard”, abandoning the idea of further education. The accelerated course of learning about real life, getting to know oneself and another person turns out to be both painful and fascinating experience. It is a story about leaving the family home, searching for and discovering identity, about greedy consumption of independence and asking questions about the limits of freedom. But it’s also about friendship, love and an uncompromising need for acceptance.

The performance was created as part of the Artistic Residences series, in cooperation with the Słowacki Institute in Warsaw.

Julita Grodek

Justyna E. Przybylska

Peter Gábor

Kamila Banasiak
Dominika Guzek / Zuzanna Czerniejewska

stage manager
Jolanta Skawina