Łukasz Wojtysko

Things we didn’t throw out

The characters of the performance remember their dead parents, but their stories are told from the perspective of things – objects the parents left behind. Drawing boards, favorite books, beloved slippers, a piece of wood, door plates or a porcelain cow. What do objects say about us and how will they remember us? – this is the basic question asked by the creators of the play “Things we didn’t throw out.”

Łukasz Wojtysko took inspiration from two excellent books by Marcin Wicha („Things I didn’t throw out”, „How I stopped loving design”) and from the memories of three residents of Gniezno and surrounding areas: Lucyna Kaszyńska, Marek Szymaniak and Stefania Wojciak.

The creators examine relations of the coexistence between man and objects, the relationships between what’s human and emotional with what’s seemingly inanimate. They notice objects. And they use props from theatrical recycling to create a story about parents, but also about design and its impact on everyday life. It’s a story of intergenerational exchange of objects and tne unrestrained need to tell our own stories – inspired by the texts of Marcin Wicha.
For “Things I did not throw out” Marcin Wicha received the Nike Prize in 2018.

Play inspired by Marcin Wicha's books: „Things I didn't throw out” and „How I stopped loving design”

directed by
Magda Szpecht

script and dramaturgy
Łukasz Wojtysko

Michał Korchowiec

Krzysztof Kaliski

video art
Wojtek Doroszuk

Maciej Szymborski

Kamila Banasiak
Zuzanna Czerniejewska
Jan Niemczyk

Lucyna Kaszyńska (guest appearance)
Stefania Wojciak (guest appearance)
Marek Szymaniak (guest appearance)
1 lutego 2019